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At some point, ATCO may need to request an absence from work. It could be for one of a variety of reasons: vacation, personal or family health problems, relief from excessive job stress, etc.

Depending on the organization, some may simply be able to ask for time off from work. Or there may be a formal process you need to follow to get approved for a leave of absence. In most cases, a leave of absence is an agreement between an ATCO and a supervisor.

It is important to put ATCO requests in writing, both for documentation purposes and also to make it easier for the manager to understand what ATCO requests.

VIBE’s newest module/portal allows every ATCO to send an online request for work absence. Whether its vacation day/s, sick day, paid leave, or any other working hours code.

The absence request process is done via ATCO personal profile, and the module allows ATCO fast and intuitive send of any kind of absence request.

After sending the request, the ATCOs supervisor will receive notification about the request, and the supervisor can decide if he will grant the request or not. If the request is granted, the System generates an appropriate document to the ATCO. That document is automatically saved in the ATCO personal documentation in the VIBE System.

This formal leave-of-absence request via Vibe stays in the system archive. Both, ATCO and supervisor can access the archive but cannot change it. Also, the HR department or any other relevant departments inside the ANSP can get access to the archive of absence requests and relevant documentation generated in the system.