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Competency module (System num. 3) provides an adequate insight into the processes of training and reviewing through the digital training memos and the operating staff review digital memos. VIBE ensures track in data changes which can be accessed by the operational staff.  Many ANSPs lack a system for easy competency track of ATCOs and…(Read More)

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The development process of VIBE was in stages. The first stage was the Infoboard module, briefing solution, then there was a stage 1.1. which include submodule shift trade. The second stage was Roster module and track of working hours. This stage also had additional development of submodule Duty Roster, for easier position planning inside…(Read More)

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In this post, I am going to focus on features of the VIBE system which helps every ATCO in everyday operations. The first feature we develop is briefing system and that was the starting point. Everything we created after – every module and submodule, strongly depends on that system. Why? Informing personnel provides the greatest…(Read More)