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Competency is connected with the briefing warning system. VIBE system can also send automated warnings about due expirations of certain licenses and ratings in time, so they can perform all the necessary procedures to renew the expiring licenses. All supervisors can now immediately check the competency of their dedicated personnel which provides a very important safety element of the chain.

Competency provides a possibility to export ATCOs authorization reports are ready to print or send the file for the CAA; if same is requested.

The main goals of the competency module are:

• Maintenance of current unit endorsements, automatic warnings about ratings/licenses/certificates expiration and simple and fast overview of current rating statuses for all employees.

• Collection of hours worked by the ATCO on the working position and automatic warning generation in case of incompliance with a minimum number of working hours required for competency maintenance.

• Creating and sending reports about ATCOs authorizations and licenses to Civil Aviation Agency or some other authorized agency.