Inform all or a specific group of employees. Provides fast information distribution from superiors to the respective employees.

Basic module for informing personnel provides the greatest value, since it significantly reduces the need for face-to-face briefing. All the important information is sent electronically, and the supervisors gain the possibility to check who of their personnel is briefed and ready to work on a dedicated sector at any moment.

This also provides much greater quality of a face-to-face briefing about certain situations which can only be done face-to-face. Employees are being sent only the messages which are of concern to them, all according to their personal ratings and dedicated unit.

VIBE can also send automated warnings about due expirations of certain licenses and ratings in time, so they can perform all the necessary procedures to renew the expiring licenses.

All supervisors can now immediately check competency of their dedicated personnel which provides a very important safety element of the chain.