Scheduling. Shift Trading. Working Position Planner.

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Rostering module allows simple but advance planning of shifts for a large number of employees automatically calculates working hours and sends warnings if the hour limits are exceeded. Each employee can easily check his schedule, and also the schedule of his colleagues according to the unit they are assigned to. Every change in the roster is immediately available to everyone with appropriate clearance, and, if the change has been made, all employees involved in this change can get immediate notification via the VIBE system, e-mail, and/or SMS.


  • Roster interface display selected user(s) competency related information: Ratings, Medical Certificates, English Certificates, rating(s)/certificate(s) status changes and etc.
  • The system keeps rostering scheme records, system logs, shifts changes and other related activity.
  • Keeps track of operational shifts, supervisor shits and administration shifts.
  • Record of all working hour codes (vacation, official trip, sick days, etc.) with automatic calculations and statistical overview,
  • An additional part of the roster which shows the total number of shifts, hour fund (Fund), monthly scheme (Scheme), and the difference between defined (Diff.)
  • The roster can be integrated with T&A systems, but this module can as well be used as T&A System with the implementation of the submodule BoneID W3 System.