VIBE – Further development


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The development process of VIBE was in stages.

The first stage was the Infoboard module, briefing solution, then there was a stage 1.1. which include submodule shift trade. The second stage was Roster module and track of working hours. This stage also had additional development of submodule Duty Roster, for easier position planning inside the ops room. And third and final – freshly developed, is Competency module. This module was the hardest to develop because it includes two very important submodules. TOC (training of competency) submodule for tracking of competency for ATCOs with license and UTP (unit training program) for controllers still in the schooling process.

Our circle is now completed and we are ready to put new add-ons in existing modules of VIBE.

Also, the event log in case of investigation is active inside the system. Records events taking place in the execution of the System in order to provide an audit trail that can be used to understand the activity of the Users inside the system.

Rostering module has already been evaluated as the perfect module for an upgrade. Our development team is now ready to implement a few more features and implement AI algorithm for easier shift planning and easier fatigue management.

Often identifying the reason or benefit that justifies a feature is the most difficult part. With the implementation of AI comes full automatization and sometimes (especially for ANSPs with high seasonal T.D.) it’s a question of how will turn out. So, we decided to leave the option of the semi-automated process of shift planning.

At the end of the development and the testing process, this feature will exactly do mentioned, leave few options to the rostering department for easier next month shift planning.

Inputs which engine of the AI will use will come from the ATM system and other users with appropriate clearance. Inputs also can be created as variables in which the rostering department can choose to use if the situation requires. All these features will speed up the process of shift planning, quality of schedule and maximization of working hours effectiveness.

We will keep you update about further development of the VIBE Solution.

Since 2016, when VIBE is first introduced to the ATM market, we are recognized as something completely new and different in the ATC world. VIBE definitely makes a difference in everyday work for every Air Traffic Controller and people have recognized that. What is important – not only the Controllers but also the Management. It makes a stressful job safer, easier and much, much faster.


Next blog we will try to explain features Competency module with two main submodules – Unit Training Plan and Training of Competency.

Have a nice weekend.