VIBE – Perfect system for ATCO


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In this post, I am going to focus on features of the VIBE system which helps every ATCO in everyday operations. The first feature we develop is briefing system and that was the starting point. Everything we created after – every module and submodule, strongly depends on that system.

Why? Informing personnel provides the greatest value since it significantly reduces the need for the face-to-face briefing. All the important information is sent electronically, and the supervisors gain the possibility to check who of their personnel are briefed and ready to work in a dedicated sector at any moment. This also provides a much greater quality of a face-to-face briefing about certain situations which can only be done face-to-face.

Additionally, ATCOs are being sent only the messages which are of concern to them, all according to their personal ratings and dedicated unit. Lack of controller and many working hours are spent for ATCO briefing and that time can be reduced with advanced briefing system.

VIBE can also send automated warnings about due expirations of certain licenses and ratings in time, so they can perform all the necessary procedures to renew the expiring licenses. All supervisors can now immediately check the competency of their dedicated personnel which provides a very important safety element of the chain.

The second feature we developed is advance shift planning with a track of working hours in the sector; we call it Roster. In a personnel profile each ATCO can easily check his schedule, and also the schedule of his colleagues according to the unit they are assigned to. Every change in the roster is immediately available to everyone with appropriate clearance, and, if the change has been made, all ATCOs involved in this change can get immediate notification via the VIBE system, e-mail, and/or SMS.

Roster deservers own post and provide so many features and possibilities to the Rostering Department that will be explained in this series of blog posts from the VIBE team.

The third feature is the Competency. We created competency module because it perfectly fits with an Infoboard module (first and base module). Automated warnings we created for tracking of competency in Infoboard and lists of competency reports – both for CAA and ANSP; are perfectly connected and fully operational for one year now.

Competency nullifies usage of paper from the training or refreshing process. Everything is done completely electronically, and the VIBE system also allows creating of statistical and graphical reports about ATCO performance during the whole procedure. Filled forms are immediately available to all ATCOs who have the necessary security clearance for each document (OJTI, trainee, licensing department, etc.). The module provides the possibility to export ATCOs authorization reports is ready to print or send the file for the CAA; if same is requested.

Further development.

Next post we will dedicate to the theme further development of VIBE System.

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