VIBE – three systems in one.


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Competency module (System num. 3) provides an adequate insight into the processes of training and reviewing through the digital training memos and the operating staff review digital memos. VIBE ensures track in data changes which can be accessed by the operational staff. 

Many ANSPs lack a system for easy competency track of ATCOs and SATCO with possibilities of export that data to whom it may concern (CAA or ANSP report). Replacing a traditional system of papers and pan might seem impossible, more art project, but it is possible to change people behaviours because the new way provides much more benefits than the old way.

Unique database of all assessment lists, revalidation training, SATCO training process data and other documentation relevant for ATCO must be in one place and easy access for everyone from CAA to ATCO and supervisors.

As Mr Trifunovic, Head of Operational Technologies in Croatia Control said, the main goal of the implementation of the VIBE system was to maximize documentation transparency and enable fast access to the needed documents.

Every user of the system can access any document in 2 or 3 clicks.

Besides personal information, there are also all official documents and instructions, along with the needed authorization expiry warnings, which require the authorization rights extension in a certain period.

Automatic warnings a few days or few dozen days before license or authorization expires is a nice touch in the system. Automatic warning in the VIBE system is generated for rating, medical and English certificate expiration. Because the module is interconnected, automatic warnings are also implemented if a maximum number of working hours is not collected or any other reason/event which requires automatization in information flow.

UTP and TOC submodules, developed this year, force assessors and OJTIs to use electronic assessment lists and other assessments via digital memos implemented or created by the Training department. Unit training plan (UTP) is made for SATCOs and Training of competency (TOC) is made for controllers with the license. All assessments are available via VIBE profile to both ATCO and SATCO.

The system organization satisfies the hierarchical system of supervision while providing all the needed information which every member of the staff should have access to according to their authorizations and authorizations of their units.

To conclude with the boring sentence, all necessary documentation via VIBE is in one place, very easily available and logically sorted.